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Toby was born and raised in the countryside of South West England. His interest in fitness came from his mother being a personal trainer, where he would sit in on lessons and learn from her. Whether it was basic stretching or just keeping fit and healthy as a young kid, his mother encouraged the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle.

His dad, an avid outdoors enthusiast, was in charge of maintaining the family vegetable garden, and this is where Toby spent his weekends learning about growing fresh vegetables and listening to cricket on his dads' outdoor radio.

Early Years

Toby's favourite subject at school was Geography, which came from his passion for being outside and enjoying the countryside environments at home. He always enjoyed healthy veggies as a kid and enjoyed spending time outdoors.

His interest in geography and the environment led to him studying various topics at university, one of them being The Build & Natural Environment, where there was a heavy influence on sustainability in society.

After university, he explored opportunities in sustainability and making a positive impact on the environment. Whether it was looking at the mental effects of physical environments we put ourselves in, he decided to explore both avenues. 2013 is where he started as a personal trainer. His intentions were to keep people fit and highlight the importance of healthy eating and exercise and the benefits it has on us.

HW.labs is created

In more recent years, Toby pursued a career in modelling and influencing those around him. Whether it be through his social channels or during his PT sessions, he realised that looking after yourself is paramount. But so is the environment. That's where HW.labs was born. An environmentally conscious brand selling food supplements that are backed by science.